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Mission Statement:

To Affirm & Promote the Healing and Helpful Aspects of Our Relationships with Animals and Ourselves.

Welcome to the pages of The Ministry of Animals. 

If you have ever found yourself loved by an animal, or have ever loved one, you have already experienced the ministry of animals.  You may have also experienced that this love can be healing and redemptive – you may also have experienced it as painful and sad.  But many of you reading can bear witness to the power of our relationships with animals, and how that power has transformed us, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Ministry of Animals is not a medical, political or religious organization.  We are interfaith, non-denominational and non-partisan .  We are, however, dedicated to the positive aspects of the human animal bond.  We strive to be a practical, healing, hopeful/spiritual, and community-building organization.

 We support the medical, religious and emergency service professions.


Please come back for regular updates to this site.  

We invite you to visit our companion website, Giving Paws.

 Thank you!

Elizabeth Teal

Counseling & Training

Specializing in Companion Animal Behavior and Animal-Assisted Therapy 



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